Virtual Merchant
 Australia / New Zealand

Donna Smith
Director, Professional Skin & Beauty Ltd

As the owner of a busy small business that supplies skin care and cosmetics to the professional beauty industry, it was important to minimise the work load of our staff.  By nature of a small business our staff are flexible and need to be able to multi task.

Virtual Merchant has greatly freed up their time and limited the amount of time consuming data entry that is required. This has in turn meant that our staff can attend to other tasks and it has also eliminated the need to hire further staff for processing orders.

Virtual Merchant has also helped to eliminate mistakes from orders taken over the phone, and has provided a great tool for our clients which has helped them in their businesses.  They now have better records of what they have ordered and an easy look up system for their previous invoices.

By utilising this wonderful system it has made our company look more progressive and professional in the eyes of our clients. 


Alan Cooper
Managing Director, Discoveries Wholesale Distributors Ltd

Virtual Merchant provides us with multi faceted solutions encompassing customer ordering via the internet, sales reps in the field with laptops, and recording sales at trade shows using hand held barcode scanners.

All orders placed online by customers are imported directly into our MYOB accounting system, and since Virtual Merchant is easily updated from our MYOB product information, our website is always current.  We distribute approximately 2,000 products, and prior to switching to Virtual Merchant it was a nightmare to keep a traditional website current with constantly changing product lines.  Virtual Merchant is user friendly and uncomplicated.

I highly recommend Virtual Merchant as a flexible business to business website solution which is backed by enthusiastic and capable professionals.


Nicole de Wever
Anyware Computer Accessories NZ
Online orders have increased 140% since we implemented Virtual Merchant in July 2006.  Our customers are impressed with the information available through Virtual Merchant and how easy it is to access.
We update our website several times a day because its easy and fast to do, by simply changing it in MYOB and doing a 60 second upload - itís done!

Recently we provided additional support for our customers by implementing the Virtual Catalogue feature - public viewing of our products is now available without disclosing pricing.  I recommend Virtual Merchant to any company using MYOB Premier.