Virtual Merchant

Virtual Merchant is designed to compliment Australia's most popular business small business accounting software MYOB AccountRight. 

Virtual Merchant for MYOB AccountRight provides significant benefits to both small and large businesses that would like to improve customer service, reduce costs, and conduct business more efficiently. 

Incorporating Virtual Merchant into your business allows you to:

  • Manage and personalise your own business website
    Choose your website appearance from a selection of predefined themes, or specify your own colours to match your logo and business identity.
  • Make every customer feel special
    When dealing with large or chain store customers welcome them using a personalised homepage when they sign-in.  Use perosnalised homepages to promote special offers and pricing on a customer by customer basis.
  • Publish an Online catalogue
    Forget obsolete catalogues and price lists, your website is always up-to-date and synchronised directly from MYOB using our new Virtual Catalogue.  Show me
  • Accept orders directly on your website
    Your customers can order online at a time and place that's convenient for them.  Sales are then imported into MYOB saving you time and administration.
  • Support size/colour grouping
    Group multiple MYOB items and display as one on your website.  Customers view a single item but can choose from various size or colour options - ideal for apparel industries.
  • Support a remote sales force or agents
    A salesperson sign-in provides field users with access to customer information and up-to-date product details.
  • Save order templates
    One click ordering - useful for repeating regular orders, or adding to a large order over several days to take advantage of volume discounts.
  • Support for Head Office invoicing
    Online orders are dispatched to individual branches, while invoices are imported to a common Head Office account within MYOB.
  • Manage photos on your website from MYOB
    Up to five photos can be associated with each MYOB item.
  • Organise products on your website by category
    By using MYOB Custom Lists you can group related products making it easy for customers to locate products on your website.
  • Create multiple categories
    Group products into multiple website categories, for example;
    in technology industries by "Product type" and by "Brand",
    or for the apparel industry by "Style" and "Latest Release".
  • Support for minimum order quantities
    Ideal for wholesale distribution, order quantities can be restricted to a minimum quantity on an item by item basis - or multiples of the minimum order quantity. 
  • Increase customer service levels
    Customers can check their backorder status from your website, saving you having to respond to simple enquires like "when is my order being shipped?".  Customers can additionally view previous purchases, print a missing invoice, and even reorder items from previous invoices.
  • Support multiple price levels & Discounts
    Customers can have unique pricing and volume discounts.  Virtual Merchant supports all 6 MYOB price levels.  When customers sign-in to your website they view their unique pricing level.
  • Acknowledge orders automatically
    A peronalised email is automatically sent to your customers as order acknowledgement.  Customers receive responces from your business 24 hours a day.
  • Present volume pricing
    If you offer discounts for certain quantities, you can setup quantity price breaks in MYOB.  Items with quantity price breaks are indicated on your website.  Virtual Merchant also supports MYOB's volume customer percentage discounts.
  • Provide accurate inventory status
    Details of quantities and arrival dates for inventory on order with suppliers can optionally be displayed.  Available inventory levels reflect customer commitments against items yet to arrive, plus multiple inventory location support (requires Premier Enterprise).
  • Provide specifications using PDF documents
    Do your customers need more information than can be held within MYOB's item description field? Uploaded PDF brochures are automatically linked with inventory items.
  • Manage access to specific products
    Access to certain products can be managed on a customer by customer basis.  For example, you can conceal a product or group of products, from one or many customers.
  • Monitor website activity
    Customer activity is recorded in real time, giving you live feedback.  Find out what products are generating the most interest, and which aren't.
Virtual Merchant