Virtual Merchant
Security:  Customer Access

Within MYOB AccountRight, every company you do business with is recorded in a card, therefore it makes sense to grant assess to your Virtual Merchant website through AccountRight's customer card records [1].

To Grant Customer Access to your website:

  1. From the MYOB AccountRight Card File Command Centre, click Cards List to open the Card List Window.
  2. Click the Customer tab to view only customer cards.
  3. Click the zoom arrow next the the name of the customer you want to grant access to.  The Card Information window appears, displaying the card you selected. 
  4. Click the Card Details tab to display the Notes field.

  5. Click anywhere in the Notes field and type the label vmUsername: on a new line, followed by a username at least 4 characters long, then press Enter.  Example: “
  6. Type the label vmPassword: on a new line, followed by a password at least 4 characters long, then press Enter.
    Example: “vmPassword:charlie99
  7. IMPORTANT - Ensure each customer has a shipping address
  8. When you're finished, click OK.

Repeat steps 3 to 7 for each customer you wish to have access to your Virtual Merchant website [2].


Customers are less likely to forget their username if it's something they can remember like their email address [5].

Denying Customer Access

To deny an existing customer access, simply remove the text pertaining to the username and password from the Notes field on the Customer Card [2].


[1] All customers are initially denied access to your Virtual Merchant website.  Additionally, customer cards marked “Inactive Card” cannot be granted access even if you have already entered a username and password - refer to your MYOB documentation for further explanation regarding inactive cards.

[2] Changes made within MYOB are not reflected on your website until you Upload Data, and synchronise your website.
[3] Usernames and Passwords may coexist with any other text in the Notes field provided both the username and password are not mixed with other text on the same line. The maximum number of characters enterable in the Notes field is 255.
[4] Usernames and passwords must be at least 4 characters in length, and no more than 50 characters in length - numbers and letters can be freely mixed.
[5] Email addresses can be used as valid usernames; therefore some punctuation characters and symbols “_ . @ - ” are permitted in the username.  Only letters and numbers are permitted in the password.

[6] The username is not case sensitive, however the password is (Charles is not the same as CHARLES), make sure your Caps-Lock key is not on when signing in to Virtual Merchant.

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