Virtual Merchant
Virtual Merchant Setup Guides

Use the documentation links on this page to help you setup MYOB for use with Virtual Merchant.


1. Get Connected:  Install MYOB ODBC Direct

Installing ODBC Direct and connecting Virtual Merchant to you MYOB business information.

2. Extending MYOB:  Create Item Categories

By creating item categories within MYOB, you can group related products—making it easier for customers to locate products on your website.  Categories can also be used to conceal products from your website. 

Virtual Merchant notifies you of new orders and online activity via email.  Enter your E-mail address in MYOB's Company Information area.

To grant user access to your website, enter a Username and Password in the notes field for each customer in the MYOB Customer Card area.

Advanced Features

Get the most from your Virtual Merchant website.  Find out how to promote specials, display the Suggested Retail Price (SRP), prevent specific items from being viewed, and more...

Virtual Merchant